SFi Community Newsletter Issue #2, March 2020 (Special Edition)

8 minute read | 2020-08-20
Dear SFi Friends,

As we are all adapting to a new normal under COVID-19, adjusting to social distancing, virtual meetings, and online learning, SFi is sensitive to the challenges you are facing in these turbulent times.

As a collective, we represent investors, business owners, philanthropists, parents, children of elderly parents, colleagues etc. the list goes on. At SFi we see this as an opportunity for all of us to hit "reset", reframe the dialogue, and stand together. Short-term resilience and smart thinking will be key.

As Hong Kong prepares for our third month under “siege” by COVID-19, and as its shocks and effects spread across global societies and markets, we would like to offer our partnership and identify ways to contribute – big and small – to our communities, to build resilience and to keep the Sustainability movement forward through cycles and corrections.

Our SFi Advisor Network has also shared perspectives on how ESG & sustainable investments are weathering during this period. Read their insights here #advisorsinaction.

This is your time to act. Here’s how you can help.

SFi Team

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