Our mission is to mobilise private capital for positive impact and accelerate Asia’s transition towards a sustainable finance hub by empowering people, policy, practice and product.

How our story began

“What is the purpose of wealth?”
It all began when Annie Chen, founder and chair of RS Group, asked herself this question.



Annie and her team have been on a journey since 2008 to explore the opportunities and challenges of sustainable finance as a Hong Kong-based private investor. Inspired by the concept of “Blended Value”, the team achieved a 100% mission-aligned “Total Portfolio” and shared the RS Group Impact Report in the hope it would empower others to join the journey.

Recognising that one family office’s journey was not enough to turn the tide, RS Group decided to incubate SFi as a dedicated platform to help other private investors embark on their own journeys. SFi is building a community of private investors who believe in “Capital that Matters”.

SFi launched in June 2018!

Check out this video of our launch party and hear why
investors are excited about sustainable finance.

SFi has grown an active community of private investors, providing a platform for them to Learn, Connect, and Invest.

Educate private investors and other key stakeholders on sustainable finance through workshops, publications and peer-to-peer learning.
Bringing private investors together with other stakeholders in the sustainable finance ecosystem to collectively change mindsets towards investment, consumption and sustainability.
Demonstrate the value of sustainable finance by helping investors take action.