SFi is a community of private investors who believe in
Capital that Matters.

Our vision is to create a world where sustainability is synonymous with finance. Our mission is to mobilise capital for positive impact and accelerate Asia’s transition towards a sustainable finance hub by empowering people, policy, practice and product.

SFi Investor Circle

Our Investor Circle is made of passionate investors committed to deploying capital for positive impact and supporting ecosystem development. We offer three tier of sponsorship depending on your needs.


SFi Model


The goal of this pillar is to Nurture Talent, both in terms of private investors and practitioners. We aim to strengthen the community and make Sustainability accessible to the broader financial market. By doing this, we hope to catalyse Mindset Shift.


The goal of this pillar is to contribute towards the creation of a dynamic and thoughtful marketplace for sustainable finance in Asia, through Practice. The “How” of what we do would Instill Rigour in industry practice.


The goal of this pillar is to establish and Amplify the SFi Community’s Voice. Armed with the support of, and insights into, our private investor network, we would like to influence the broader market and policymakers by reflecting our collective views and experience.


The goal of this pillar is to contribute towards the creation of a dynamic and thoughtful marketplace for sustainable finance in Asia, through Product. The “What” of our activities would Refine Our Tools and elevate the standards of investible products in the market.


Investor Profiles

Personal stories of Asian investors and their sustainable finance journeys.

SFi House Views

SFi op-eds on market developments in sustainable finance. 

SFi Salon
Curated discussions with experts and thought leaders.
SFi In The News

SFi actively engages with the media. You can find these interviews and reports here. 

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Upcoming & Past SFi Events

UNDP SDG Impact Standards Workshop
January 8, 2020
8:45 am
SFi Smart Conversation with China Water Risk & BNPP AM
November 27, 2019
12:30 pm
SFi Outreach – TBLI Conference Hong Kong 2019
November 11, 2019
12:00 am

Community Feedback

“SFi is a valuable platform that connects me with like-minded impact investors. Here we can share resources, strategy, and best practices within the rapidly developing landscape.”
Michael Au, MD, District Capital
“I hope we can all learn to speak the language of sustainable finance”
From Ms. Annie Chen (Chair of RS Group)
“HK GFA will be very happy to work closely with RS Group and Sustainable Finance Initiative in promoting Hong Kong’s role as regional and global green finance hub”
Dr. Ma Jun – Chairman – HK Green Finance Association, Member – HK FSDC & Co-Chair -G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group

Organisations We Have Worked With